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Questions & Answers

Q: Why that name?

A: Mille Nonne means A Thousand Grandmothers and it wants to pay homage to tradition without, actually, getting “stuck” in tradition. Our grandmothers were explorers, brave cooks able to turn disadvantages in advantages. They were capable of reinventing their world nourishing their communities. Mille Nonne wants to be in their path and push forth the movement.

Q: Do you cook on the premises?

A: Yes. Everything is prepared and cooked fresh on location, daily, in small batches in order to provide the best possible choice.

Q: Is Mille Nonne a Vegan Place?

A: It’s a Vegan/Vegetarian friendly place, with a lot of Vegan and Vegetarian options but it also serves omnivores classics (although revisited in our style). 

Q: How Mille Nonne menu works?

A: There are Mille Nonne classic dishes and desserts, that you could find freshly made everyday. They include items like pasta, lasagnas, main dishes. Then there are daily specials. They may vary and they usually include Veggies of the Day, Pasta of the Day, different Sweets and others. Then there’re the cookies. And cookies, just as Fresh Pasta, are a different world.

Q: How the zero-waste approach impacts Mille Nonne?

A: The zero-waste approach is part of the way ingredients are used - at their full extent - and the way recipes are created. We’ve no leftover. This is a very traditional topic in Italian cuisine. 

Q: Does Mille Nonne uses plastic food containers?

A: No. Only cardboard food containers are used, together with cardboard or glass containers for sauces, plant-based cutlery and cups and glass water bottles.

Q: Does Mille Nonne provides also gluten-free or lactose-free options?

A: Yes. Mille Nonne pays attention to intolerances and to the idea of providing more choices. That said, in case of severe allergy to gluten or cheese, unfortunately it wouldn’t be the right place. 

Q: Does Mille Nonne has a Motto?

A: Italian Food with Commitment. But aso: Bringing Comfort Food Out of its Comfort Zone; Healthier and Delicious Italian Food Committed to Sustainability and Happiness; Shared Happiness is Key. 

Q: Do you accept reservations?

A: Unfortunately not, we are not a sit down place. But you can enjoy our food seating at one of the tables in the Essex Market’s spacious mezzanine or outdoor. 

Q: How it’s possible to know which specials are available?

A: Specials are often a pleasant surprise also for us. They depend on what’s fresh at Mille Nonne and by last minute decisions, often based on creativity and curiosity. Nevertheless it’s possible to check them out on Mille Nonne delivery site or - even better - calling Mille Nonne location.

Q: Is it possible to contact Mille Nonne for catering and special events? And how long in advance it has to be done?

A: Yes, special events and caterings, small or large, are in Mille Nonne’s DNA. 5 days in advance is the minimum required time for large caterings and special events.

Also customized orders can be arranged for pick up, calling Mille Nonne location or by email. They may not require more than 24 hours or even less it depends from the order.